A Thousand Pieces is a feature-length documentary that exposes the top-down corruption within the CIA & FBI. The film is supported by incredible insider testimony from members of the CIA, FBI, and classified government programs.

AUYRN Presents

A Roger R. Richards Film

Producer & Co-Director Steve Lucescu

Narrated by Sean Stone

An Advanced Cinemagraphic Technologies Film

A Zero Hour Alchemy Production

A Thousand Pieces is a staggering look into the abyss of systemic corruption at the very top of the CIA & FBI. The film exposes the gritty details of illegal programs such as “Cointelpro” which targeted leaders like Martin Luther King & Malcolm X, to CIA intelligence operations like “Northwoods” and “Mockingbird”, uncovering potential plans to use “false flag” events and mainstream media propaganda to control the American people.

A Thousand Pieces is a shocking and hard-hitting investigative documentary, exposing the darkest secrets of the FBI and CIA, and asking the question; Isn’t it time to reform some of the most corrupt government agencies in American history?


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